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Starring Elvis Presley - Stay Away, Joe

"Elvis is kissin' cousins again - and also friends, friends of friends, and even some perfect strangers!" Elvis Presley Enterprises' Savannah Faircloth discuss Elvis' 26th movie, the Western comedy "Stay Away, Joe." It's the 50th anniversary of this movie, which features Elvis as a Native American who is trying to help his family on the reservation while wooing a few ladies along the way. Tune in to learn more about the movie, including Elvis' legendary co-stars.


Starring Elvis Presley - Clambake

Will the girl fall for the man or his money? That's the question posed in Elvis' 25th movie, "Clambake." In this 1967 comedy, Elvis plays a wealthy man who trades places with a water ski instructor to see if he can find a woman who loves him for who he is, rather than what's in his bank account. Tune in for movie trivia and more!